Digital transformation has impacted every industry and the field of Education is no exception to this. Educational software enhances learning and improves learning outcomes. It makes learning more effective and efficient with less time where ever we are across the globe.

Educational software has democratized education. It has made it possible to provide on-demand, flexible and customized lesson plans to targeted students. This is a boon to students who were not able to avail the benefits of a good education due to hindrances such as physical distance from institutions of learning.

This was most visible during recent Covid pandemic where students could continue their education despite being restricted to the confines of their home. Its effect has also been visible in the reduction of cost for students and schools alike.

Educational software also helps in automating many processes that are secondary to the imparting of education and reduce teacher workload and more efficient way to deliver the content. For instance, automating tests and communicating grades or sending information to parents can be automated reducing time and effort on the part of teachers for this activity.

The availability of inexpensive or free and easy to use graphics software has boosted the development of visual aids. These visual aids make it easy for teachers to impart hard to understand concepts to students.

Considering the numerous benefits of educational software, it is no wonder that such software has proliferated not only in Schools and Colleges but also in the corporate world for its training needs.

In view of the importance of this domain, DataSys has invested significant effort for the development of educational software such as EcoEHR for students graduating from medical schools and fresh physicians who are about to start new practise at Doctor’s offices. Similarly for online class for school & college students and corporate trainings through Learning Management Systems – LMS. These were developed in collaboration with academics in reputed Universities and are being used for imparting training to health care providers.