Integrated Document Management System (IDMS) is a new dimension to serve employees and businesses in an efficient way with a more secure model over the cloud.IDMS provides core services & solution offerings to any organization, an efficient solution at low cost to manage project documentation along with workflow.

The IDMS Application provides core document management services & solution offerings as an efficient DMS solution to manage enterprise-wide project documentation along with workflow, monitoring and tracking functionalities. The IDMS provides unique capabilities to help automate and streamline existing tedious/ manual Document management tasks/ processes.

Key Features & Benefits of IDMS:

  • Centralized Document system – Document available for access anytime from anywhere and by authorized person only
  • Document Version control – Maintain document history and audit trail
  • Document Revision Control – Maintain document history and audit trail for every revision
  • Check-in/Check-out – Feature to eliminate multiuser accessing the file
  • Document Search – Structural searching based on Document Name, Author name, Project/Workflow Name, Department etc.
  • Audit Trail – Keep the record of audit trail of each document throughout its lifecycle. Comply with standards and facilitate audits and certification
  • Pre-defined, Automated File Name Suggestions – Follow the standard for consistency purpose and it can also be modified
  • One Source of Truth – Though our document is listed in various places, the repository of it is the same
  • Performance – As our documents are well structured with layers and our meta data is strong, we can experience high speed
  • Flexible environment – As this is custom made project, we have more opportunity to enhance and adapt to any environment

IDMS Collaboration:

  • Pre-defined Workflow – Standard workflows can be defined in advance and reused multiple times. This will accelerate the process, fully automated and flawless
  • Customize Workflow– Author of the document can define the workflow based on his need and requirements
  • Workflow Auto-transmission – The ball rolls through the flow automatically as programmed
  • Mail Notifications – Receive automatic mail notifications to your inbox of every engineering change
  • Inbox – Message for corresponding employee to respond
  • Time-based Alert notification– to meet the ETA
  • Auto enable fallback option – Auto enable the fallback option if ETA is not met and escalations as instructed
  • Manual E-Mail Alerts – User can also send reminders (Flexible)
  • Data Security– All Email will carry only the link of the document where user can see only if he/she has the credentials

IDMS Administration:

  • Cloud Technology – Our Servers are hosted in AWS cloud in highly secured VPCs (Virtual Private Clouds). We use all SAAS solutioning tools
  • Quality – High-definition servers and cost-effective solutions
  • Storage – Highly secured and centralized storage area which can be accessed from anywhere with proper credentials
  • Granular Access control – User Access to View, Print, Markup, Copy, check-in/out can be controlled by the Administrator at BackOffice (Without IT Support)
  • Document Porting – We can choose the document(s) at any layer and port to new or another project with few clicks
  • Dashboard – Standard and similar type of template is followed across the web pages for easy access and consistency
  • Scalability – There is no limit on handling number of documents and projects.
  • Document Types – We support all types of files not limited to Word, PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, DWG etc.
  • All types of Drawing files can be managed as well (Auto CAD, Auto CAD 3D, Plant Design, SolidWorks and etc…)