Innovative Medical Education/ Learning and Practice Tool for Medical Colleges in US and other International Medical Teaching institutions to help medical students, Residents, Physicians, Student Nurses, Nurses LVN/ RN, and Nurse Practitioners learn and understand. The other core objective of this product is to make EHR integration with third party applications less complex.

Features and benefits of EcoEHR:

  • ECO EHR provides real life patient encounter environment.
  • ICD 10 based design application to help physicians Minimize Physician Time Spent on Documentation.
  • Each disease has one ICD Code to provide real scenario fee calculation. Based on the severity they will get paid. All the ICD Codes are managed by CMC.
  • Can be used as Personal Scribe, user friendly and Customizable.
  • Add on Features to existing Electronic Medical Record system to complete physician encounters skilfully and effortlessly adding value to physician encounter time.
  • Cost efficient – Nominal License fee. No need to buy new additional equipment or software.
  • Privacy complaint – No patient information permanently saved in this educational tool.
  • Purely for educational and training to enhance clinical documentation skills.
  • Print to PDF automation for easy reference.