Product Engineering

Over the years Datasys has built a solid foundation in many domains. The domain knowledge accumulated and technical capability built up over the years has been leveraged and channeled into Product Engineering.

According to ReportLinker’s study, the increasing demand to accelerate a product’s time-to-market (TTM) is expected to drive the product engineering services market, $8 Billion in 2020, to reach a size of $1.4 Trillion by 2027. Additionally, the US market is estimated to reach $243.1 Billion.

At DataSys, we have ideated, designed and built products for the health care sector and document processing applications. The efforts put into product engineering have resulted in the development of products such as IDMS, EcoEHR, CCM and LMS etc.,.

Product engineering handles all aspects of a product’s journey–from the initial innovation or strategy phase to the design, development, user acceptance testing, and maintenance and support. The emergence of new technologies and software delivery models has led to the evolution of product engineering services that move beyond traditional software engineering–services that cater to the unique techno-business landscape so products can excel.

Have an idea for a product or a service? Get in touch with us and we will help you turn it into reality!