Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation – is it just another buzzword thrown up by the IT industry with unfailing regularity? Or is there something deeper to it? We explore what is Digital transformation and how it can help your enterprise.

Digital transformation is the fusion of digital technology into traditional business processes resulting in a transformation of the way businesses operate and deliver value.

Digital transformation has become imperative for businesses of all sizes due to the competitive edge it offers enterprises in how they engage with their most important asset – customers. The advancements in IT have enabled on-demand service and multiple channels for customer engagement such as mobile apps, social media and desire chat. This has opened up vast opportunities for enterprises to engage with their clients and deliver customized services.

Improving operational efficiency of internal processes of an enterprise by deploying digital tools is another area where Digital transformation makes a tangible impact. Digital tools enable automation of processes to varying degrees. This results in significant cost savings – either in monetary terms or by enabling enterprises to redeploy resources to other critical areas.

Increased business agility is another effect of Digital transformation. In the competitive market place, we live in – business agility and ability to respond fast to changing market conditions is critical. In fact it is critical for the very survival of enterprises in a fast changing market with demanding customers.

The results of digital transformation have a direct impact on the bottom line of the enterprise.

Digital transformation is a broad term that comprises many technologies such as Data Analytics and AI. It can transform a wide spectrum of industries such as Education, HealthCare and Banking and Finance.

The most visible and dramatic impact of Digital Transformation was felt during the Covid pandemic when Health care providers and Health Care industry in general was compelled to accelerate adoption of technologies for virtual visits and Telemedicine.

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